Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Go Invisible On Facebook ??

Everyone uses Facebook chat, but the problem with it is there is no option of selecting your own status except that of available and idle. So what can you do if you want to go invisible to a single person or a specific set of people whom you don't want to appear online. The reasons may wary from irritating relatives or your nosy teachers. So here is a simple, out of the box and a indigenous way of doing it within a few minutes.

 1) So first of all, after logging into Facebook,   click on Account and select Edit friends.

 2) Then select the big button that say Create a list.

3) Then a popup opens up with a list of all your friends. There, select a name for your list, and select all those whom you think should be in that list. After that confirm your selection by selecting Create list.

4) Then the last and the final step. Mouse-over the green button near the list you just created in the chat box and and it says "Go offline". So if you have to go offline to that person or that set of people in the group, just click on it to Go invisible!!  

That's it !! You are now appearing offline to those whom you intend to be offline. Put in your comments about whether did it work or was it useful or any ways you know to go invisible.


  1. Thanks :-D If it was not 3g , then the pics would've been up oly next year !! ;-)

  2. nice...first time u actually did something useful :)